About us

We are an AI Healthcare startup that utilizes technology, AI and cutting edge research in order to provide you with the best service.

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Our services

Self Diagnosis

Use our AI technology to self diagnose your illness.

Video Call

Meet with Doctors virtually through our app.

Location based services

Find local hospitals and schedule appointments through our app.

Prescription tracking

Find information about your prescriptions and request refills through the touch of a button

Our Features

Optimal Health

Our labs provide cutting edge testing alongside AI to help us in optimizing our services.

Better Service

Our app provides a superior service because of its connectedness.

Technologically Advanced

We use the latest technologies to optimize our services to you.

Better Future

Your in good hands.

Experienced Doctors

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DR Taha Shazada


DR Hasan Kloktawer

Psych specialist

DR Fred Macyard

Neuro specialist

DR Justin Stuard

Heart specialist

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